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Welcome to Sheridan Brown: Your Go-To for Luxury Stays in Herefordshire

Hey there! We’re Sheridan Brown, a family-run spot all about giving you a taste of luxury in the stunning West Country of England. We've got four awesome places for you to check out, each with its own cool features. Whether you’re into big family get-togethers or chilling under the stars, we’ve got something special for you. Let’s dive into what makes each place unique:

The Georgian Villa: Big, Beautiful, and Full of History

A Huge Country House with Awesome Gardens and 2 Hot Tubs

The Georgian Villa is all about stepping back in time but with all the modern comforts you could want. Located in the gorgeous Wye Valley, this big, beautiful house has gardens to explore and views that’ll make you grab your camera. Inside, it’s all about luxury and comfort, with room for up to 16 people to sleep over. It’s perfect for big family holidays or just getting away from it all in style.

The Lotus Belle Mahal: Glamping Like a King or Queen

A 4-Bedroom Palace Under Canvas

If you’re into camping but love your comforts, check out The Lotus Belle Mahal. It’s like a fancy hotel room but in the great outdoors. You’ve got everything you need to kick back and relax, including a wood burner hot tub and a cozy fire seating area. It’s a fab way to enjoy nature without giving up the luxury stuff.

Andromeda: Cozy Luxury Under the Stars

Rustic Meets Modern in the Great Outdoors

Andromeda is another one of our glamping spots that offers a peaceful break from the busy world. With two comfy Lotus Belle tents and a setup that includes an outdoor kitchen and a wood burner hot tub, it’s the perfect mix of adventure and comfort. Ideal for getting close to nature without sleeping on the ground.

Orion: Starry Nights and Stylish Living

A Private Retreat Surrounded by Nature

Orion is all about giving you that exclusive glamping experience. It’s tucked away in nature, offering plush comforts and fancy touches to make your stay extra special. Think of it as your own little hideaway, where you can chill in a wood burner hot tub and enjoy nights around the fire.

Why Pick Sheridan Brown?

Personal Touch: We make sure your stay is just right, whether you’re here for a wellness retreat or celebrating something big

Cool Places to Stay: From a grand villa to unique glamping spots, we’ve got a range of places that promise top-notch comfort and style.

Gorgeous Locations: Set in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside, our spots offer great views and loads of outdoor fun.

Embark on an unforgettable journey with Sheridan Brown, where luxury travel transcends the ordinary. We are devoted to renting villas that epitomize luxury, offering an exclusive array of properties that encompass majestic Georgian country 5-bedroom houses.

Each property boasts a luxurious grand dining room, designed to create lasting memories. Our curated villa holidays are crafted to whisk you away from the bustling crowds, promising serene landscapes and unparalleled comfort.

While we navigate away from the well-trodden paths of St Ives and its renowned sea views, our focus sharpens on luxury villas nestled in the heart of serenity.

At Sheridan Brown, our mission is to provide an escape into luxury travel, where every detail is meticulously tailored to elevate your stay into a realm of pure indulgence. Opt for a short break in the South West, where the promise of adventure and relaxation awaits.

Though our offerings do not extend to private pools, properties for sale, or house prices, our dedication lies in presenting luxurious accommodations that immerse you in opulence.

Explore our handpicked selection of villas, each serving as a gateway to indulgence against the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes. With Sheridan Brown, every villa holiday is an exceptional experience, carefully crafted to enhance your journey into luxury travel.

Ready for an Adventure?

So, if you’re on the hunt for a place to unwind, celebrate, or just have a grand time in the West Country, Sheridan Brown is ready to welcome you. Come find out how we mix luxury with the great outdoors and make your next trip one to remember. Join us and let Herefordshire’s charm be the backdrop for your next awesome getaway.

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Whether it's the tranquility of a wellness retreat, the elegance of a wedding, or the precision of a corporate event, we ensure every experience is not just an event, but a cherished memory.

Our dedication to excellence, combined with our exclusive venues and top-notch amenities, makes us the ideal choice for those who seek the extraordinary in every aspect of their events.

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